Steven Watson reviewed Seduce Detailing — 5 star

“Thank you Alex the Lotus has never had this much gloss, its stunning how much difference a really good detailer and great products make. The bonus is I have washed it since having it back and its so easy with the coating C-Quartz FINEST, cleaning takes much less time and the shine just goes on and on. I was recommended by a friend to use your services and could not be happier with the job I now have someone to look after my vehicles into the future and carry out programmed maintenance as the time pass”


Darren Monroe reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

Took 4 cars, 2 x white daily drivers
1 x Vanish (dark blue) FGX xr8
1 x Ruby (deep red) Mustang.
“9h protection was the request , we got much more than that at the finish.
Near new factory paint on the coloured vehicles , was totally transformed to amazing shine and depth of the paintwork appearance.
Achieved by countless hours of polishing, which Alex took upon himself to do, so the quality of his work became priority to him over the quoted price.
Care advice given to me by Alex, combined with the treatment applied, has made it much easier to maintain, with the appearance much better than I ever expected.
If you want quality work, not cheap and nasty and half a job, you won’t be disappointed”


Mathew Guffogg reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Can’t thank Alex enough for the result on my 32GTR looks absolutely amazing with BODY ARMOUR 9H, for anyone out there that thinks getting your car professionally detailed and coated in some of the best paint protection in the country , And it’s not worth the money, is an idiot . This was worth every cent I spent has added value to the car, everyone check out seduce detailing top job every time”



Gary Woloszyn reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Always skeptical of detailers and hearing of stories of how great they are only to be left disappointed. I am now a believer of one man’s dedication and passion in making vehicles look their absolute best after seeing first hand the transformation made to a mates car. Fantastic work Alex! Highly recommended!”.


Dan Burns reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“A while ago, my work ute needed some love. It had grinding sparks embedded in the clear coat and Alex had no dramas in helping out with repairing the finish. I was sceptical at first, but after witnessing him work his magic, listening to the knowledge and just experiencing the passion he has for the work he does, I soon realised that Alex is one amazing professional. My wife and I are looking forward to sending our Commodore to Alex (as soon as life permits) to let him wave his wand over it. This guy isn’t a ‘vehicle detailer’, he is an artist. He shows as much love for every car he resurrects as he does his career. Couldn’t recommend his work enough and I will never let anyone else ever touch my cars. Keep up the good work mate”


Ben Henshaw reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Literally there is no substitute for quality, and quality is what Seduce Detailing is all about. Workmanship is top notch, And his customer service skills are second to none. My Holden Commodore VF SS REDLINE looks better than the day I bought it new from the show room, And 18months on it still looks like new. Only Quality products used, no short cuts at a very reasonable price. Couldn’t ask for anything more A++”


Mel Smith reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Thank you Alex for all your time and effort you put into our car. You worked your magic and our car looked amazing and looked the part for our car show in Sydney MOTOR EX 2015. Our car was treated to only the finest Seduce has to offer with CQuartz Finest Nano Glass coating and it looked the money. Can not say a bad work about the service or the treatment our car was given. Highly recommend Seduce Detailing from just protecting your daily driver to your show car. Thank you again Alex for your amazing work and passion to detail”


Guy Maurer reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Quality of work @ Seduce never disappoints ! Always goes above & beyond for an excellent detail.. Highly recommend for anyone who wants their beast looking show room quality ! C-Quartz FINEST ”


Glen Bissaker reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Another top job by a true master… The only person I will let touch my car.. Great service and quality above all!! Highly recommend Alex’s work C-Quartz FINEST”


Daniel Kimble reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Got my falcon gt detailed by seduce detailing using the Cquartz FINEST nano glass coating.(AMAZING STUFF)was in poor condition from previous owner. Got in touch with Alex so easy to deal with explains everything to you about what can be achieved with the condition the cars in… Attention to detail is outstanding truly talented work he does would recommend Alex seduce detailing to any one with out a doubt”


James Bevitron reviewed Seduce Detailing5 star

“Outstanding workmanship and passion. Always goes above and beyond in his work and advice. Highly recommended for any detailing work, large or small!”